Team and Philosophy

Bishop GmbH concentrates on the core Aeronautical Engineering disciplines.

Our Team

For more than 20 years the head of Bishop GmbH, Peter W. Bishop, has worked with the Airbus Company. By founding the Bishop GmbH company 1997 in Hamburg, he responded to the extraordinarily positive development of this sector.

Team Hamburg

Peter Bishop
CEO – Managing Director
(Eur.-Eng. Eng, BSc Eng) Hons, MRAeS, MIMechE, CPL/IFR/Multi
Educated at Queen Mary College he gathered extensive aeronautical engineering know-how and experience in the late 70´s at the University of London for Engineers. Later, in the early 80´s, Mr. Bishop began his career working for LearFan Inc on the LF 2100 – the World’s First 100% Composite Business Aircraft.

Harald Rupprecht
Human Resources Director

Lip Lee Teh
Recruitment Manager / HR Coordination / QMB / Safety

Andreas Schulna

Dhananjay Jog
New Business Development / Supplier Manager

Our Philosophy

Especially the highly sensitive aircraft sector demands a hundred percent reliability and confidence. Not only the technical skill of its staff must be perfectly suited to the task, the social competence is also of importance. From the start, Bishop GmbH has concentrated on the core Aeronautical Engineering disciplines of Stress Analysis (including Fatigue & DT), Systems, Aerodynamics (including icing and acoustics) and Loads. We excel in the fields of Stress Report and Specialist engineering software tool writing for structural analysis and System simulation. We also have contemporary experience in the areas of Welded Stringer Skin and GLARE material technologies.

New challenges and projects demand the best possible specialists. The first class aeronautical staff of Bishop GmbH has contributed to the development of the Airbus A 318, A 380, and A 400 , and they are already working on new projects for Airbus. A further aim of the company is the promotion of aeronautical sciences and research and their communication and commercialisation. Novel developments such as FSAS or Aircraft Cabin Security Systems, bare witness to the high mark we have set for ourselves; to always react rapidly to the changes and innovations in the aircraft industry.

• Bishop Presentation (Services, References, Target group/Customers) (3 MB / PDF-Format)