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Technical Links

• VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure

• Hamburger Bezirksverein e.V. des Verein Deutscher Ingenieure
Hamburger Bezirksverein e.V.

• The AAIB’s official website is a digest of information surrounding aviation accidents.

• The CHIRP (Confidential Hazardous incident Reporting Programme)

• This site contains various discussion forums on licensing issues.

• The offical website of the Air Transport Association.

• The UK Government is consulting on a wide range of aviation issues.

•  A site that has a massive selection of photographs available.

•  For those interested in anything connected to flying.
Very good site with a excellent photo gallery (G-AJOE also featured)

• Hamburg Airport Classics

• Wycombe Air Center – One of the UK´s leading Flying Schools

• West London Aero Club, is one of the oldest and best known airfields in the UK

• GA BUYER EUROPE MAGAZINE, general aviation, aircraft for sale, helicopters, airshows

• Pilotweb is the website of Pilot magazine, the UK’s best-selling general aviation monthly magazine.

• FLYER Air Portal

• Todays Pilot – Magazine

• Linseria Flight Centre now has the largest owned fleet of training aircraft in the country.

• Vref is the industry’s modern price guide, designed especially for professionals operating in today’s challenging marketplace.

• Aircraft Bluebook – Price Digest

• Airfinance Journal – Airfinance Journal is the financial magazine of the aerospace industry.

• Supersonic Aerospace International (SAI) formed in 2001 to bring the vision of a “Quiet Small Supersonic Transport” (QSST) to reality.

• World can show you local weather for thousands of cities around the world.

• Ein Hansa Jet für Hamburg

• IG der Baade 152-Freunde…

• Freundeskreis der VFW 614

• Super Constellation Flyers Association


• Vickers VC 10 – “A little VC10derness” – eine englischsprachige Seite von Jelle Hieminga.

• Dornier Do 24

• Die Geschichte der Canadair CL 44

• Hawker Siddeley 121

• … auch sie soll wieder fliegen – eine der letzten existierenden De Havilland Comet

• Der schwedische Caravelle-Club

• Die Junkers Ju 52 der Lufthansa

• Das “Team Convair” – die Restaurierung einer Convair 880

• Eine Super Electra und ihre Retter

• Eines der größten gebauten Flugboote ist hier das Thema

• DC3 – eine schwedische Clubseite…

• …und die Clubseite der norwegischen DC3…

• …und die Clubseite der finnischen DC3

• Eine amerikanische DC3 Infoseite

• alle Guppys im Überblick…

• Der Traum vom Überschall – CONCORDE

• Luftfahrtsammlung Fiebig

• Hier lassen sich alle möglichen Flieger virtuell durch die Luft bewegen…
Berlin Flightsimulator/

Links to Events, Lifestyle and Tourism – Online Maps to Everywhere

• Central information portal of the of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

• Portal with news on events, culture, excursions

• Hamburg Tourism Board – hotel booking online, information on musicals, theatres, classic music

• Online city guide with information on dining, nightlife, spas, shopping, and more

• Information and hints on events in Hamburg

• Information on sights, museums, food, sports; search by boroughs

• Online city guide and news service with links to events, health topics and much more, including for instance a photo gallery of popular Hamburg sights

• Information for travellers to Hamburg – hotels, shopping, nightlife

• Internet version of the city gazette – news on events, parties, food

• To party all night is not a problem with the “Nightcruiser”, a special night bus service by Hamburger Hochbahn, the city’s underground operators. Additionally to schedules, the website brings you into the right mood by its party tips and addresses.

• Online-version of the city magazins. Music, theatre, film

• Hamburg’s current cinema programme

• The best of nightlife and entertainment

• Culture, sports, business, theatre programmes, music events

• Hamburg’s cultural life including city map with all cultural facilities

• Hamburg’s local broadspread on the net explodes with dates – concerts, clubs, classic music, museums, literature

• Hamburger Morgenpost Online -live clubs, nightlife, dining and more, presented by Hamburg’s local yellow paper

• Hamburg’s public pools

• Party dates, club news, enormous listings – trendy and young!

• Interactive city guide – restaurants, bars, shops, clubs, hotels, events; commented by Internet users

• City maps, schedules by Hamburg’s Transport Authority HVV, public libraries, observatories, Alster, concerts

• All schedules and special tours by Hamburg’s steamers on the Alster

• Programme, city guide and addresses

• Dine & Drink, hotels, city information

• For those considering a move to North Germany (especially from UK or commonwealth countries)


General Catalogues with Internet Addresses in and around Hamburg

• Where do I find what in Hamburg – nearly 4000 web addresses on Hamburg and its surroundings
•  Web catalogue with link listings on Hamburg