We are shipbuilding engineers

Scope of Activities

Our team of designers and engineers provides design services for different categories of ships such as Bulk carriers, Container ships, frigates, luxury yachts etc.
We leverage our rich experience of working with various classification societies using leading software tools to support our clients.

Basic and Structural Design
Lines Plan Development
• Powering Calculation
• Weight Calculation
• Seakeeping Calculation
• General Arrangement Drawings
• Scantling Calculation as per the Classification Rules
• Preparation of Class Drawings

Detail Engineering
• Hullform Design and Optimization
• Hull Structure – Modeling & Production Documentation
• Machinery Modeling
• Piping — Modeling & Production Documentation
• Cable Trays (major) — Modeling & Arrangement Drawings
• HVAC Ducts — Modeling & Arrangement Drawings
• Equipment Seats — Modeling & Arrangement drawing/ Production Documentation
• Other Structure — Modeling & Arrangement drawing/ Production Documentation

Detail Design Services

Hull form Modeling
Hull form definition and optimization bringing the hull form all the way to the production stage, including final fairing. Several methodologies for hull design, including real 3D surface modeling, transformations, parametric definitions and more

Hydrodynamic design and analysis
Integrated performance prediction routines facilitate the evaluation of the hull design quickly in the early design stage.
• Power prediction, including model and full scale reference data
• Seakeeping analysis, 6. d.o.f. response in irregular waves, sea keeping criteria, downtime
• Manoeuvering simulations according to IMO resolution A.751(18)
• Station keeping and other special studies

Software Platforms
• Tribon
• Delftship
• Siemens NX
• Solidworks
• Rhino

Hull Structure – Modeling & Production Documentation

• Creation of large assembly parts & individual piece parts
• Nesting of assembly parts on the raw plate
• Nesting of other plate parts to minimise scrap
• Parallel blasting, marking & burning
• Text labeling
• Raster marking
• Automatic mounting of profiles
• NC data and sketches

Software Platforms
• Tribon
• Siemens NX

Steel Workshop Drawings of Hull design

Curved Hull Panel

Machinery Outfitting Design

• Macro Commands for repetetive tasks and particular solutions
• Modelling with Parametric Elements that can be easily adapted to particular conditions
• Management of dimantling, maintainance and other reservation spaces.
• Definition and management of outfitting modules.
• Reconstruction after modifications
• Advanced solid modelling for routing and edition of lines


• Equipment Modeling, HVAC Duct Modeling & Duct Support Modeling,
Structure, Piping Modeling in PDMS/PDS/PE HVAC and SP3D.
• Drawing study and checking of Equipment & Equipment layouts
with section and detail drawings in compliance with International Standard.
• Preparation of Duct Layout and Designing various kinds of Duct Supports.
• Design size of Ducts & prepare Duct Layouts and Diffuser/Grille selection.
• Preparing Duct cutouts Inputs for Clash resolution &
Maintenance space allocation for HVAC related Equipment’s.

Software Platforms
• AutoCAD
• Microstatioon – Bentley
• AVEVA – Marine

Structural Analysis

Pipe Stress Analysis

• Piping Flexibility and Stress Analysis
• Rotating Equipment Loading Studies
• Piping Code Compliance Stress Analysis Studies
• Anchor and Restraint Design Studies including the Sizing & Selection of Spring Hangers
• Buried Pipeline Stress Analysis Studies
• Vibrating Piping System Studies
• Earthquake Simulation Studies
• Studies of the Effects of Water Hammer and other Transient Flow Conditions
• Rotating Equipment Imbalance Studies
• Pressure Relief Piping System Simulation
• Pipe Hanger Assessment Services
• Piping Data Collection and Isometric Generation Services
• Flare Header Piping System Rating and Design
• API 650 Tank Rating and Design
• Nozzle Stress Analysis and Design