Our Employees

The right employee at the right place at the right time.

The secret to entrepreneurial success is to have the right employee at the right place at the right time. But who is most suited?

What is the difference between our competitors and us? Apart from the usual methods such as Internet, telephone and database investigation, we regularly advertise in the print media (Flight International, etc.) and work as headhunters in cooperation with the most important enterprises in the aircraft sector.

Convincing employee profiles, including detailed skill descriptions, provide you with a picture of our staff – and, naturally, we advise you as well. Your advantage: by investing a minimum of time and personal effort, you profit from the best possible filling for your situation –we are flexible and work rapidly.

Staff with Special Training

Services we offer to your business:

– aircraft stress analysis (speciality: Interior stress reports)
– aircraft systems development
– aircraft loads development
– aircraft aerodynamics (speciality icing & acoustics)
– cabin security consultants
– special projects (example FSAS, etc)
– sub-supplier management
– in-flight entertainment For a free quotation please contact anytime

CAD System and FEM Tools


(Naturally we have been certified by the Germanic Lloyd in accordance with the EN9100)

Project-orientated all-round Support

Are you looking for all-round assistance? We can take over complete projects in your name: development, design and analysis. We check our employees and the applicants-pool for the ideal people to do the job, and finish it to your satisfaction.

We offer following services:

• Supply of contract partners through AÜG or Werkvertrag
• Headhunting for top experts and specialists
• Special Programs

Special Programs

The Bishop GmbH is always interested in special projects and programs. You may contact us confidentially, at any time