New German Patent DE 11 2014 006 252 B4

Bishop wishes to announce that he has been awarded a new patent, for commercial jet seat fittings.

Bishop GmbH has been active, in the field of aircraft interiors for more than 26 years. It is not easy to come up with a new innovation, however, this innovation is designed to squeeze another seat row into a fuselage, by using not the 1 inch pitch of the securing lips of the seat rails, but by offering a offset seat fitting set at ½ pinch. Therefore, by the small investment in the new Bishop GmbH ½ inch seat fittings, any airline operator will be able to seat another 6 passengers with this ultra-low risk innovation.

Bishop GmbH would be glad to dis-invest this patent, so that it can concentrate on its great strength – which is good ideas, further details from Bishop GmbH