EASA.2021.HVO.06 Award 2022 – 2026

On 2. December 2021 Bishop GmbH received the News that was placed in 1st position for the award of the 4 year contract for EASA.2021.HVP.06: Provision of Interim Staff Services to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.
With have already won this contact 3 times previously consecutively in the past. However, with the new demographics finding quality and reliable interims will be challenging in all industries.
However, the award has been won in global competition, and was based on price and quality

25th Anniversary of Bishop GmbH

Bishop GmbH was founded on 17. July 1997 in Hamburg, and eventually became via its subsidiary 1st tier E2S with Airbus with EN9100 quality certificate. Next year we will celebrate our 25th year of foundation, and with the award of the 4 year framework contract EASA.2021.HVO.06 Award 2022 – 2026.

I can not think of a better way of celebrating this company’s success, than the award by a prestigious and important customer of this 4 year contract and for the 4th time.