Attempt on the World Water Speed Record

Some of you may know that we invited Richard Noble and his Farnborough F1 Team to Hamburg, to present his new aircraft project. Richard now has a new project, which is to break the world water speed record (using a jet powered craft), which will shortly be released, but is at the moment negotiating Filming rights. He is presently starting the building of a 1/3 scale model, of a full size craft using 2 x Rolls Royce uprated full size engines. The design of the craft at this stage is secret.

The 1/3 model is to be powered by a AMT Lynx engine normally used in drones.

The designer of Richard’s record breaking craft will be UK’s most experienced high speed boat designer

Bishop GmbH was glad to support Richard’s rush to acquire an Lynx engine, before the chaos of Brexit after 31.12.2020.

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