Founding of a Bishop GmbH Alumni Network

Hr Director Hr Harald Rupprecht has Emailed all former Bishop GmbH with a special link, and invitation to keep in touch. This link is strictly for our former staff, and is not to be misused in way. In addition to making contact with previous colleagues, Alumni will be able to see the latest news and developments at the company, and be informed of any new jobs. Given that Bishop is now active on 3 continents, future jobs listed will include USA, Japan as well as Europe in Aviation, Space, Maritime and Automotive sectors. You will also see details of our social events and participation at trade exhibitions such as AIX, SpaceTech and Wind Energy etc. Another project includes the founding of the NATT (Northern Aeronautical Think-tank), which is a €10M investment in the future. We hope that all Alumnus (men) and Aluma (women) will enjoy reacquainting themselves with the Bishop GmbH and the new opportunities we offer.

Finally, we hope at Bishop GmbH to offer you again gainful employment opportunities, and or to possibly collaborate with your new employers.

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