Bishop Christmas Event – 10.12.2016

On Saturday 10th of December 2016, the yearly Bishop-EASA Christmas event took place in Cologne. For this year we decided to have a group challenge that was organized by “Teamgeist”, an external company specialized for team building and company events.

When we met at 3 p.m., fortunately the weather was quit well for this outdoor activity. After the two guides/referees from Teamgeist have welcomed us, we first took a group picture in front of Rhein River and EASA building in the background.

Subsequently the group was divided into two groups and each started with their challenge supervised by the guides. Six different games had to passed during the next 3 hours and could only be mastered by the whole team together. Everyone tried best to support her/his own team to beat the other team at the end. We had to think about possibilities to cross a river with only three wood laths, find the only possible way on an ice field, carry a snowball from one place to another, catch a treasure from a freezed lake and score as many goals as possible at the Cross golf game. For the final game, the challenge was to build a ramp for a small ball. With their prepared ramp, the winner team was able to throw the ball for about 10 meters.

After this last game, the winner teamed was announced and received a Christmas cap as a trophy. As it got a little bit cold, we headed to the Christmas market close to the dome and enjoyed a glass of Glühwein and a German Bratwurst. Once again, the yearly Christmas event in Cologne was a very pleasant and appreciated event for every participant and we are looking forward for next meetings and events in 2017!

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