Renewed the Annual CAA Airworthiness certificate on a vintage Miles Messenger Mk IIA

Bishop GmbH CEO Peter Bishop, has sucessfully renewed the Annual CAA Airworthiness and NARC certificate on vintage Miles Messenger Mk IIA G-AJOE. Next year we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of its first flight.

“It is important that vintage aircraft such as G-AJOE are preserved and most importantly flown, in order to arouse and insire the interests of the next generation of Aeronautical Engineers, Pilots, Inventors and Innovators. The Miles Messenger carries many innovations taken for grantage today, including the traling link undercarriage originally invented by Miles Aircraft in the UK. This particular example flies hands-off, and can also fly backwards”. The work was carried out at Turweston airfield, and the aircraft will be flown all over Europe during 2016 season.

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