Popular Company

Last year, Bishop GmbH received a total of 64,100 visitors (hits) on its website. The monthly average is 5.341 visitors which is very humbling.

Part of the reason for the popularity, is probably because we have our own job platform, and anyone looking for a Interim job at EASA, or up to 3 years with Airbus (all sites), Airbus D&Space, Lufthansa Technik AG and others will find interesting job offers.

Bishop GmbH has successfully traded for 25 years, and has won all work on the basis of merit (quality and price), not lobbying and other means.

We wish all customers, staff and job applicants a very Happy New Year – and as we come slowly out of Covid, we will all come out of this crisis very much more stronger, and motivated.

Wishing everyone, success, happiness and above all good health in 2022.