Lunar Deep Freeze Challenge Now Open! – In partnership with NASA Tournament Lab

NASA’s Artemis astronauts will bring some very cold samples from the Moon’s coldest regions back to Earth. How will those ultra-cold samples be preserved for the long journey back to Earth? Enter the Lunar Deep Freeze Challenge to tell us how you would do it! Your mission: conceptualize and describe a novel approach to cryogenic containment that will allow NASA to transport lunar samples from the permanently shadowed regions of the Moon back to the lab on Earth.

Submit your solution by November 12th for the chance to win a cash prize and the opportunity to collaborate with NASA in the future! Learn more

NASA selected TechConnect Ventures as a vendor for the Open Innovation Services 2 (NOIS2) contract. The five-year, $25M NOIS2 contract is a continuation of the successful NASA Open Innovation Services vehicle which taps into the power of Innovation Challenges and crowdsourcing to solve NASA’s greatest technology problems.

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