Participation in the 36th International Oldtimer Fly/drive-in 17-18. August 2019 Schaffen Diest Belguim

However, due to bad weather, the attendance was sadly very low !

On Sunday, the weather was again bad, with those flying East towards Germany deciding to go home without their aircraft. I decided to take off at 14:00 local, but soon regretted, due to IMC weather conditions. On reaching Folkstone, I was again buzzed twice this time by 2 Spitfires in a tail chase. Due to the Biggin Hill Airshow, I had to descend below 1500 ft in gusty condition and fly towards Redhill VRP M25/J5 before climbing to track around Heathrow CTR and on to White Waltham (EGLM).
I arrived at 16:58 local.

I was awarded the oldest aircraft prize.


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