10th SpaceLiner Design Workshop held at DLR Bremen on 25th and 26th July 2019

The tradition of SpaceLiner Design Workshops started already in 2010 with then ongoing FP7-project FAST20XX. At this time the Space Shuttle was still in operation. Since then a lot of dynamism has returned to the launcher business. However, worldwide competition is strong and only technically, environmentally, and economically viable configurations will be successful in the future.

Topics this year included:
•Update on latest design iteration SLB8 with morphing/swept wing
•Potential interim steps for fast development roadmap
•Cost-efficient RLV recovery & refurbishment operations
•Special workshop “in-air-capturing”, one of the most efficient RLV-return modes and baseline for SpaceLiner booster return and now pushed forward in the H2020 project FALCon The Design Workshop was a forum of critical and open discussion in the hypersonic community.

In addition to listening and exchanging ideas, many new friends and useful contacts were made.

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