Meeting with Sir Richard Noble OBE

On 26. January 2018 Peter Bishop met up with old friend Richard Noble OBE, who at one time held the World Land Speed Record as the fastest man in the world. His team visited us in the early days at Hamburg, and he is a living role model with a list of great achievements.

Below is a long list of his great achievements:
BloodhoundSSC 2007 – present
Libya 2006
Transformation Dynamics Ltd
JCB DieselMax Diesel Streamliner 2004-2006
The Farnborough F1
SSC Programme Ltd. – ThrustSSC
Programme Funding Ltd. Atlantic Sprinter Ltd.
ARV Aviation Ltd – ARV Super2s
Thrust2 programme 1976-1983
London to Capetown and back 1971-1972

Richard is now back in Africa making preparations for an attempt to break the World Speed record.

For more on Richard see:

For more information on Bloodhound see:

On leaving Richard, he generously gave me several books on the Bloodhound project. In the sleeve of the largest book, I was effectively ordered to make a go for a “Rocket SpacePlane” (if you see from the News from May 2017, I was already in the Xcor Rocket SpacePlane)

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