New Innovation from Bishop GmbH

CEO Peter Bishop was in Seattle on 12. February 2016, to discuss the possibility of collaboration with a local company on the Joint Composite Rivet project with the TUHH.
The innovation offers a 60% weight reduction over exisiting rivets, no corrosion, better lighting strike protection, reduced maintenace and a reduced radar signiture.

“This innovation if successful, will probably herald the biggest “game changer” since the invention of the jet engine. This is because the application of the composite rivet will reduce the weight of any flight vehicle thus increasing range and performance”.

“The Composite Rivet can be used by OEMs to make better aircraft, and retrofitted to any existing aircraft design to give a fresh life. It will be of great interest to builders of large Commercial Jets”.

Proof of concept comnposite rivets

Harbour Pointe Tech Centre: 6500 Harbour Heights Pkwy, Mukilteo, WA 98275