Bishop to exhibit at the Aircraft Interior Expo April 14-16. April 2015

As always, Bishop GmbH has generously agreed to the support the Crystal Cabin Award for Cabin Interior.
The Award Dinner will be held on 14. April at 18:30 hrs in the Hotel Atlantic.

Our staff will be please to inform you about the many ways we can support you, whether you are a customer
or looking for a new employment. We know you have a choice !
As Hamburg’s only politically independent, and private company for research, we can offer you very competitive
prices for your research (without the inexperience, or massive overhead of our competitors). We also offer design,
manufacturing, simulation and testing facilities.
We will also have a spectacular model of the Katharinenhof, which will be the future of the NATT (Northern Aeronautical
Think-tank) based in Hamburg – again without the political burden and overhead of our competitors.